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How to use the member area

Dear members of Arachnologische Gesellschaft,

this part of the website is in development and the test phase. We therefore aks for your patience in case of errors and lack of function. We appreciate your interest, feedback and critics.

To be able to use please log in here or at the member area of AraGes and reach here by the link. Once logged in here, you can pass to the member area of AraGes.

For the time being we offer

1. A list of spider species so far recorded in Germany


  • Complete scientific name
  • German popular name of the species
  • Extinction risk/Red List category and all other classifications (e.g. frequency of occurence, trends) of the RL in Germany and the German federal states from the most recent Red List (Blick et al. 2016)
  • Frequency of occurence in Baden-Württemberg from Nährig & Harms (2003)
  • Affinities to forest habitats fromBlick et al. (2019)
  • Functional traits, e.g. body size, biomass
  • Nische position and width (shading, moisture) of many species from Entling et al. (2007)

2. A guest access to the DWB module DiversityTaxonNames

3. A guest access to the ARAMOB database in the DWB module DiversityCollection

Registered users can order a personal password by mail. This enables for a login to the client software (can be downloaded for free) and the full use of features with reading rights, e.g.

  • search, explore, analyse the ARAMOB data;
  • explore and use the thesauri and semantic lists
  • import own data (after contacting the administrators and a quality check)  from a spreadsheet with the Import-Wizard;
  • export results (i.e. data packages) for further analyses (source has to be cited in case of publication).

4. Statistical tools for analyses of the data pool (based on R)

  • Accompanying species for a selected species
  • Habitat preference (EUNIS) of the selected species
  • Altitudinal distribution of the selected species
  • Ecological niche (light and moisture preference) of the selected species
  • Phenology of the selected species
  • Trait data (for all German species, own list can be uploaded)