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The modularized Diversity Workbench (DWB) represents a virtual research environment for multiple scientific purposes with regard to management and analysis of life and environmental sciences data The framework is appropriate to store different kinds of bio- and geodiversity data, taxonomies, terminologies, and facilitates the processing of ecological, molecular biological, observational, collection and taxonomic data. It is capable and flexible enough to be applied as data storage unit for institutional data repositories. The DWB is set up on a xml-enabled relational database system. Clients of every database of the Workbench are used as stand-alone applications and provide supporting functions to clients of corresponding databases. This results in a high flexibility with regard to the conceptual design, enabling sophisticated user administration and a rapid setup of project-specific and user-adapted entry forms. Further, it facilitates the dynamic integration of web services and external data resources.

The Diversity Workbench is appropriate to serve as database backbone and data management system for bio- and geodiversity research projects and is therefore listed as Research Infrastructure in the DFG RIsources Portal. The SNSB IT Center and GFBio e.V. offer user help desk and services in this context, see About DWB.

DWB in 10 questions:

Download of the Client-Software (Modules) of Diversity Workbench:

DiversityCollection is focused on the management of specimens in scientific collections and the handling of observation data.

DiversityDescriptions is organising any kind of descriptions, of organisms, taxa and any item, element or entity, which is object of diversity or descriptive research.

DiversityTaxonNames is focused on the management of taxon names.

DiversitySampling Plots is focussed on the management of sampling plots.