Spiders recorded for Germany

RedList-Categorie:  0 - Extinct, 1 - Critically endangered, 2 - Endangered, 3 - Vulnerable, D - Data deficient, G - Near threatened, * - Least concern, na - not listed in RL 2016, nb - not evaluated

Biomass: Fresh mass in mg, calculated with fresh mass = exp (a + b (ln body size); a = -1.72389 b = 2.69638

Affinities to forest habitats (Blick et al. 2019):

  • w - strong affinity to forest habitats, without known preference for light or closed forests;
  • wg - mainly found in forests, with strong affinity to closed forest habitats wl;
  • wl - mainly found in forests, with strong affinity to open forests, forest edges or
  • m - occurring in both open landscapes and forest habitats, but without a preference for forest habitats (assignment to mm or mo not possible);
  • mm - occurring equally in open landscapes and forest habitats;
  • mo - strong affinity to open landscapes, but also regularly occurring in forests, at forest edges or in glades;
  • o - only occurring in open landscapes or other habitats without forest cover like caves or buildings
  • u - unknown

Preference for Light in the environment: calculated from the niche position shading (1-value): 0.25 - low (shaded env.), 0.5 - indifferent (partly shaded to semi-open env.), 0.75 - high (open env.); range after niche width shading (original data from Entling et al. 2007, modified)

Preference for Humidity of the environment: calculated from the niche position moisture (1-value): 0.25 - low (dry env.), 0.5 - indifferent (semi-humid), 0.75 - high (humid); range after niche width moisture (original data from Entling et al. 2007, modified)

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