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The production of an interactive key for the genus Corythalia (Salticidae: Euophryinae) is one outcome of the revision of this key genus of Neotropical jumping spiders. The thorough study of all available types and further South American material aims to overcome the taxonomic impediment in Neotropical Salticidae, promoting further phylogenetic studies and allowing species identification in faunistic and ecological studies, which is important for conservation management.
The taxonomic study is also part of a broader project (ARAMOB) aiming at the mobilization of standardized morphometric, taxonomic and ecological data for the international community from a museum collection (of the State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe – SMNK).
The efficiency and potential of linked data repositories and research information systems will be enhanced and demonstrated by the development of a description scheme for Salticidae based on a taxonomic concept and ontology-based nomenclature used in the species descriptions in this revision. The data and the description scheme will be integrated in the virtual research environment Diversity Workbench and will be available through this open source database and also in web repositories.
A second approach compiles ecological data from distributed sources, which will then be enriched in a standardized way and analysed exemplary. Semantic lists and analytical tools are designed and integrated in Diversity Workbench and mobilized through a portal by the German Arachnologische Gesellschaft.
Until now 24 species from Corythalia are included in the key but with NOT all relevant attributes. At the moment the key is growing and not complete! All other Corythalia-species are included rudimentary in the landing page of the key to have an overview for all taxa.
Corythalia argentinensis (♂,♀) GALIANO, 1962
Corythalia blanda (♂,♀) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1901)
Corythalia chalcea (♂,♀) CRANE, 1949
Corythalia cincta (♂) (BADCOCK, 1932)
Corythalia circumflexa (♂) (MELLO-LEITÃO, 1939)
Corythalia electa (♂,♀) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1901)
Corythalia fimbriata (♂) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1901)
Corythalia grata (♂) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1901)
Corythalia hadzji (♂) CAPORIACCO, 1947
Corythalia insularis (♂) RUIZ, BRESCOVIT & FREITAS, 2007
Corythalia latipes (♂) (C. L. KOCH, 1846)
Corythalia luctuosa (♂) CAPORIACCO, 1954
Corythalia metallica (♂) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1893)
Corythalia noda (♀) (CHAMBERLIN, 1916)
Corythalia obsoleta (♂,♀) BANKS, 1929
Corythalia opima (♂,♀) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1885)
Corythalia parva (♂,♀) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1901)
Corythalia spiralis (♂,♀) (F. O. PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, 1901)
Corythalia tropica (♂,♀) (MELLO-LEITÃO, 1939)
Corythalia ursina (♂) (MELLO-LEITÃO, 1940)
Corythalia valida (♂,♀) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1901)
Corythalia vervloeti (♂) SOARES & CAMARGO, 1948
Corythalia waleckii (♂) (TACZANOWSKI, 1872)
Corythalia xanthopa (♂,♀) CRANE, 1948